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how we yoga.

we down dog to drake

bend and flex to beyonce

twist through beats by lauryn hill

then bliss the hell out to the likes of bon iver

you'll be zen AF.


530 - 630pm

via ZOOM

id: 234 321 9595

password: zenzenzen

on hump day wednesdays we flow a little harder + sweat a little longer which makes the bliss at the end that little bit sweeter.


7 - 8am

via ZOOM

id: 234 321 9595

password: zenzenzen

tgi fridays are a good all-rounder where we start slow, finish slow + put in just the right amount of work in between.

first sundays

945 - 11am

via ZOOM

id: 234 321 9595

password: zenzenzen

a monthly sunday special where we slow jam to restorative + yin-like moves, revel in nirvana after a guided meditation + round it all off with hot tea + sweet treats.

when + where.

how much.

first sesh ever - free [yeah, freeee!]

ZOOM sesh - $7

if you've been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic and

you've lost a tonne of hours at work or worse still you've lost your job,

all ZOOM sessions are on us because that's how we roll.

especially if you're new to yogues or if you'd like to yoga in a private sesh or, alternatively, just because.

email / facebook / instagram / spotify

say hey.

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