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  • We are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. How do I join a ZOOM sesh?
    COVID-19 has changed almost everything, including how we yoga. Luckily for us, we can still yoga together via ZOOM. How to join a ZOOM sesh Dowload the Zoom app on your phone or Mac laptop/computer, or install the Zoom program on your non-Mac laptop/computer. Create a Zoom account. Hit the "Join" button. Then type in the meeting id unique to Yoga & Co Adl: 234 321 9595. Password: zenzenzen. ZOOM + sweet tunes Music sound quality doesn't transmit so well from one side to another via Zoom. So, if you'd still like to listen to our sweet tunes whilst you yoga, find us on Spotify under "yogaandcoadl" and look for the playlist for the session which will be called "Yoga & Co Adl x Zoom // [date of sesh]". You'll need a paid Spotify account to listen to the playlist in order, otherwise you'll only have the option to shuffle the playlist. Alternatively, you can play your own music during the sesh or yoga in silence. Whatever option you choose won't affect the sesh as everyone will be on mute during the sesh. Get yourself set up for a ZOOM sesh Best to give yourself some time to set up for a Zoom sesh. Find the perfect spot in your house or outside. Roll out your mat. Set up your tunes. Place your device in a spot where you can see the screen easily when either sitting or standing. Make sure your device is charged or on charge. And wherever possible, try and connect to your home wifi internet to reduce any of the usual Zoom lag. How to pay for a ZOOM sesh By EFT transfer to our account: Acc name: Lisa Tan BSB: 105 198 Acc no: 064 388 440 Include your name and date of Zoom sesh as a reference. All Zoom sessions are $7.
  • I’ve never done yoga before. And, uhm, I’m nervous."
    No sweat. We’ve all been where you are now - not knowing if yoga is for you, thinking you’re not flexible enough, stressing out about everyone in the class looking at you. If you’re feeling all those feels, just ask yourself: What would Beyonce do? Well, we think she’d get right on top of that yoga mat and work it with every inch of her Bey body. And that’s exactly what we think you should do too. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose (your first sesh is free) and if you make a goose out of yourself so bloody what. You do you (or Bey).
  • Do you have a beginner’s class?
    No, sorry. And that’s because all our classes are perfectly do-able for any seasoned or rookie yogi alike. If you wana run before you walk, we’d suggest coming along to a Wednesday sesh. If you wana take things slow and steady, we’d suggest trying out a First Sunday sesh. If you’re not sure, then a Friday sesh is your best bet.
  • Do I need to book?
    Nope. But we highly recommend that you do. The spaces where we run our sessions are pretty small and can easily max out. To avoid being awkwardly and regrettably turned away at the door, let us know you’re coming and we’ll make sure we save you a spot.
  • Do I need to bring a mat?
    Yes, please. But if you don’t have a mat, no stress - you can borrow one of ours at no extra cost. Just let us know beforehand and we’ll make sure we put one aside for you.
  • How early should I rock up?
    Doors open 15 minutes before each sesh. We love pre-sesh chats.
  • Can I pay with cash or card?
  • Who runs your classes?
    Lisa, the founder of Yoga & Co Adl, runs every sesh and she bloody loves it.
  • How big or small are your classes?
    On Wednesdays, we max out at 8. Fridays attract a crowd of around 5-8. And on First Sundays, we hit capacity at 30.
  • What type of yoga do you teach?
    We don’t like to label our yoga except to say that we mix and remix different yoga styles from vinyasa, to yin, to restorative, to hatha.
  • What levels of yoga are your classes?
    It varies depending on the class you come to. If you can plank in your sleep and love breaking a sweat, we reckon you’ll be living your best yoga life in the intensity and faster pace of a Wednesday sesh. If you want something slower but still wana make your body work, work, work, work, work, a Friday sesh will be just what you’re looking for. If you just wana chillax, stretch and find some peace of mind, a First Sunday sesh will be where it’s at for you.
  • Why the sweet tunes?
    Why the hell not?
  • I’m preggas. Can I still come?
    Absolutely. And congrats! If you’re completely new to yoga and don’t otherwise do much physical exercise, we’d recommend trying out a First Sunday session. Likewise if you’re in your first trimester and you’ve had some complications along the way, we’d recommend a First Sunday session. If you’re completely new to yoga but you currently do lots of physical exercise, any one of our sessions would be a-ok for you and bubs. Likewise if you’re a seasoned yogi, any one of our sessions would be a-ok for you and bubs.
  • I have an injury. Can I still come?
    Absolutely. Just let us know pre-sesh and we’ll be sure to offer you some alternative shapes and assistance throughout the class.
  • Why should I come to a sesh?
    If you get bored in a regular yoga class. If you can listen to Cardi B, Childish Gambino or Kendrick Lamar on repeat. If you can’t stand the thought of being in a room with 50+ sweaty, heaving yogis. If you want to find peace of mind. If you want to try something new. If you want to support a South Aussie micro-business like ours.
  • Do you offer corporate sessions?
    Yas! Send us an email or message through our Facebook or Instagram pages and we can chat about all the finer details including when, where and how much.
  • Do you offer private 1:1 sessions?
    Yas! Send us an email or message through our Facebook or Instagram pages and we can chat about all the finer details including when, where and how much.
  • Do you do special events?
    Yas! Birthdays, bridal showers/hens days, baby showers, corporate events, and any other special occasion however big or small. We've worked with the likes of Lululemon, hit107 Radio, RSPCA SA, and Sukha Life - we know what it takes to tailor a session that's just right for you. Send us an email or message through our Facebook or Instagram pages and we can chat about all the finer details including when, where and how much.
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